About NimbleApp

NimbleApp is an automated performance analysis serviceĀ for Android apps. Our goal is to help you make your apps fast and delightful for your users. We've partnered with droidcon London for their first App Garage - Performance Clinic, taking place on day 1 of droidcon London, on Thursday 27th October 2016. Check out the timings and the full programme of droidcon London here

Prerequisites for Entry

The app must be runnable on nexus 5 with Android 4.4.

The app must be in the Google Play app store

The app must have at least 1,000 downloads

The app must be uploaded before midnight Oct 27th London Time **

*For the full official contest rules see the https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/8919-app-garage-performance-clinic. Contest is for droidcon London 2016 ticket holders only.

** To be eligible for a Most Improved Startup Time prize, see the official rules page

When you click the button below, you:

  • Will create a user account or sign in with an existing account
  • Upload your APK via the wizard

Your APK must finish uploading and you will receive a confirmation email that it has been received. Please use a valid email when signing up or you will not receive confirmation.

Important Notes:

1. Cold Startup analysis doesn't work for 100% of apps. If we cannot get a successful profile for your app's Cold Startup, we will not be able to enter you in the contest. If you upload and see that your startup profile failed, you can contact us at support@nimbledroid.com to see if we can help, but we cannot guarantee that your app can be made compatible.
2. You must upload an APK that has the exact package ID as it appears in your production app in the Google Play store. For example DO upload com.example.theapp, DO NOT upload com.example.theapp.debugbuild. Apps uploaded with debug or other test names will not be eligible. Once you have uploaded your contest submission APK, you can upload APKs with other package IDs for analysis and it will not affect your entry into the contest.