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Effortless to use, easy to customize

Just upload your production or debug APK and test for crashes, memory leaks, and slowdowns. When you’re ready to test custom user flows, use standard Espresso code to generate NimbleDroid profiles.


Get results in minutes , not days

Since NimbleDroid is automated, your tests are ready within minutes, eliminating the lag time you get with manual QA.

Protect your revenue streams with Release Checks

Before you release a new version, analyze your app for issues and catch them before they go out the door. Track your app performance over time with our trend graph.


Integrate with your CI to find regressions during development

By integrating with your CI process via our Gradle plugin, you can analyze individual builds to determine when a commit has introduced a regression.

Identify root causes of issues and fix them fast

We’ll not only report issues with your app, we will show you exactly where the problem is, like detailed call stacks for slowdowns and reference chains for memory leaks.

What’s in it for


Catch and fix regressions in your code before they go to production.


Speed up your release checklist and catch hard to find issues.

Product and Engineering Managers:

Keep your revenue and user engagement high by monitoring critical app metrics.

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In part one of this blog post “Eight Ways Your Android App Can Leak Memory”, we went over eight different ways your code can cause your Android application to leak memory. Specifically, all eight leaks were leaking an Activity instance, which is particularly dangerous because activities have a very large...

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App Diets are not a Fad

In our last post we explored an architecture/library selection that would lead to nearly perfect startup times. Today I wanted to explore another type of performance optimization: APK size. A smaller APK results in faster resource lookup and faster reflection. Image optimization, an important way to cut down APK size ,...

Jun 15, 2016

8 Ways Your App Can Leak Memory

One advantage of a garbage-collecting-language like Java is that it removes the need for developers to explicitly manage allocated memory. This reduces the likelihood of a segmentation fault crashing the app or an unfreed memory allocation bloating the heap, thus creating safer code. Unfortunately, there are other ways that memory...

Jun 15, 2016

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