Automated performance analysis for every build of your app

Pinpoint slow methods, slow SDKs, and memory leaks.
Measure speed, network, memory, and disk usage across builds.
No SDK to install, we analyze your APKs.

Get Results Fast

  • Upload your APK via Gradle plugin, API, or manually

  • Once profiled, we delete your APK and share the results on your secure app page

  • We identify actions in your app, and show measurements for speed, memory, network, disk, and more

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See detailed diagnoses

  • We identify issues in your app and show you exactly where they occur

  • Identify methods that tie up the CPU, hang the user's UI, and more

  • Find out how third party SDKs affect your performance

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Track changes across builds

  • Find out immediately when you've introduced new performance issues in a build

  • Get Slack or email notifications when a new build is profiled

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Examine problem methods

  • See the full call stack for problem methods

  • Find out which methods are being called by a problem method to find the root cause

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