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Get regression alerts instantly

Alerts for slowdowns, crashes, and other critical issues as soon as problem code is introduced


Add to Continuous Integration

Monitor every build of your app with our CI server integration

Find the root cause

Pinpoint the root cause of issues with fine-grained diagnostics


Track performance history

Give your team insight into how app performance has changed over time

Real Device Cloud

Get accurate results running on real devices we manage

What’s in it for


Catch and fix regressions in your code before they go to production.


Speed up your release checklist and catch hard to find issues.

Product and Engineering Managers:

Keep your revenue and user engagement high by monitoring critical app metrics.

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Recent Posts

Guest Post: How NimbleDroid helped Flipkart speed up app startup by 45%

We found Nimbledroid via http://androidweekly.net/ and checked it out starting in 2016. We had been looking for a service to help us identify where exactly in code we needed to improve Flipkart performance time. Over the last five months NimbleDroid has helped us detect and fix several performance bottlenecks, as...

May 9, 2017

Eight Ways Your Android App Can STOP Leaking Memory

In part one of this blog post “Eight Ways Your Android App Can Leak Memory”, we went over eight different ways your code can cause your Android application to leak memory. Specifically, all eight leaks were leaking an Activity instance, which is particularly dangerous because activities have a very large...

Sep 6, 2016

App Diets are not a Fad

In our last post we explored an architecture/library selection that would lead to nearly perfect startup times. Today I wanted to explore another type of performance optimization: APK size. A smaller APK results in faster resource lookup and faster reflection. Image optimization, an important way to cut down APK size,...

Jun 15, 2016

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